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In this section, we provide information for teachers about:



Series’ Overview
– Three hours on a Saturday, 4 times a year. Introduce and provide teaching tips for our upcoming curriculum for Good News Clubs.

Quick Start Training
– 8 hours training for a new Good News Club team, scheduled as needed.

Teaching Children Effectively Level 1 or TCE 1
32 hours – 1 day a week for 5 weeks

Teaching Children Effectively Level 2 or TCE 2

– 32 hours – TCE 1 required before enrolling.
The course focuses on the spiritual development of the saved child.

Children’s Ministry Institute
– Diploma programs are available for children’s teachers and ministry leaders, not just for CEF workers. Check their website for more information: – Some courses available online.


  1. Listen to the CEF Child Protection Policy at (866) 878-4182 or watch Protecting Today’s Child. If you watch the video, you must return to the CEF site to fill out the Workers Compliance Agreement below. Do not complete the one on the national CEF site.
  2. Review the Statement of Faith.
  3. Review the Worker’s Compliance Agreement below.
  4. Fill out and submit the Worker’s Compliance Agreement below. By submitting this form, you are electronically signing and sending it to our office.
  5. Teachers must agree to a background screen every 5 years. You will be notified when your 5-year recheck is due.
  6. No worker can participate in any ministry without submitting an electronic Worker’s Compliance Agreement through the CEF website each ministry year. The year is defined from January through December.



Doctrinal Protection Policy – Adopted by CEF International Board of Trustees, May 6, 2002

Child Evangelism Fellowship continues in its commitment to its Statement of Faith, which embodies the non-negotiable and historic beliefs of evangelical Christians.

Within the community of evangelical believers various distinctives exist which do not prevent our fellowship in the Lord and our effectiveness as child evangelists.

We therefore resolve that CEF® workers are qualified by their unreserved commitment to CEF’s Statement of Faith and their further commitment in all CEF activities to refrain from teaching or otherwise advocating doctrinal distinctives either contrary to or in addition to the Statement of Faith.

Recognizing the spiritual need of boys and girls in our community and around the world, I would like to assist in the work of Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF).

I understand that CEF is without specific denominational affiliation, and have read the Statement of Faith and CEF doctrinal Protection Policy. In becoming a coworker with CEF, and in order to protect the ministry, I agree not to propagate or practice in CEF ministries any distinctive or controversial doctrines, methods and practices that would go beyond the CEF Statement of Faith and the approved CEF curriculum. These would include but not be limited to such things as modes of baptism, alteration of the Gospel message, speaking in tongues, interpretation of Scripture by experience, healing on demand, etc. I understand that anyone who does not adhere to this agreement cannot serve with CEF as paid staff or volunteer.

In teaching Bible lessons in core CEF programs I will use exclusively materials approved by CEF.

In offering my services I trust the Lord to make me a faithful servant, and should problems arise between CEF and me that cannot be fully reconciled, I will quietly withdraw to preserve the harmony essential to having an effective Christian witness.

WCA Form




Name of GNC

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In Our Office:

  • Salvation tracts suitable for children
  • Every Day with God Devotional Books
  • The Wonder Devotional Books

Visit CEF Press® online for more CEF Materials.

Every lesson series contains these teaching aids:

  • A lesson overview provides teachers with a quick-glance focus for preparation
  • Easy-to-follow symbols indicate the type of applications to be taught
  • Story facts in outline form help you navigate smoothly through the lesson
  • A convenient class schedule guides you through a dynamic teaching hour
  • Sidebar notes help teach the learning styles of the children
  • Shaded segments in the lesson show precisely where and how to apply the truth of the lesson to saved and unsaved children
  • Preschool helps
  • Memory verse teaching helps
  • Reproducible take-home verse tokens
  • Learning activities
  • Counseling tools
  • Review questions and games
  • Suggested songs



All workers for CEF of Silicon Valley must comply with the following process in order to be considered as a potential ministry worker.

  1. Because evangelism is a calling from God, Good News Club volunteers agree to keep their assignment for at least the entire school year, or until a replacement worker can be trained so as not to put the Club in jeopardy and to always have sufficient workers so the minimum 2-worker rule is never violated. This allows CEF of Silicon Valley to be a reliable and trustworthy ministry for parents and school officials.
  2. Complete the online application. This allows you to enter your personal information in a private and secure manner.
  3. Once the background screening is complete, applicants will be interviewed by the chapter director.