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Forty-one Percent

Hi!  My name is Joel Cripe and I am the new Director for our CEF® Chapter (Central Valley North).  May 11th was the twelve week mark since my wife, Nadya, and I began ministering again with CEF.  We have been visiting Good News Clubs, pastors, and school districts, as well as re-starting our chapter correspondence newsletter.  I hope that you are encouraged to read about the children who are being reached in our area!

Part of my responsibility and job description is to keep forming my financial support team.  We have reached 59% of our goal ($3,128 per month), but are still in need of the additional 41% ($2,197).  I have been praying for one new supporter each week, and God has been answering that prayer!  Can you help us cut into that $2,397?  Your gift of any monthly or annual amount will help us continue building this ministry unimpeded.  Would you be the one donor to give this week?  If so, just fill out the bottom portion of this form and return it with your check in the enclosed envelope.  Please make out your check to CEF Central Valley North, and don’t put anything in the byline of your check.  Thanks so much in advance for taking the time to prayerfully consider this request!

Yes, I will help fill in the 41%!

You can indicate your willingness to join our support team by clicking on The electronic Response form link below and completing the information.  I will then personally touch base with you

All gifts are tax deductible and will receive a receipt