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Connected To South Dakota

I was the State Director with CEF of South Dakota for eleven years, and one of the joys of my time there was standing alongside a schoolteacher by the name of Barb Wigg as she fought in court for her right to teach a Good News Club® in the very school where she taught. The 8th Circuit Court awarded her that right in 2004. I have only been the Director for the Central Valley North Area for nine weeks now, but I have already met two schoolteachers (see pictures below) who are teaching Good News Clubs at the schools they teach at. I tear up as I realize that what God did in South Dakota more than a decade ago, continues to bear fruit through in our area in CA. Are you a Christian teacher in the public school system? Did you know that you have the right to teach a Good News Club after work at your school? What an opportunity you have! Contact me for more info.

A Knight At Your Side Forever

(The following is from Stephanie Torok, GNC teacher and key contact person in Twain Harte)

At the close of the Bible lesson at a GNC at Curtis Creek, I headed to the side of the classroom to counsel two children who had raised their hands to receive Christ.  Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a little blonde-haired boy waving at me.  I motioned for him to come join us, but he shook his head no.  He waved at me a second time, and I promised myself I would check in with him when finished.

After finishing up with my little group, I called the boy over to me and said, “Did you want to talk to me?”  He told me that he wanted me to know that he had “just done that” on his own while I was meeting with the others.  When I asked him to clarify, he told me that he had asked Jesus to save him in his own heart.  I shared with him Romans 10:9-10 and explained to him that God wants us to confess it out loud with our mouths, and he said, “How about I just tell you what I told God?”  I said that I would like that, and he closed his eyes, bowed his head, and with the greatest sincerity I have ever heard in a child said, “Dear Jesus, Please save me from my sins, and I will be a knight at Your side forever!”

(Wow!  Praise God with us that He is moving in the hearts of children all across our area!)

Ropes Course Courage

Perhaps you have wondered what exactly the children in Good News Clubs® absorb. Does God’s Word really penetrate their young minds, or is it too difficult for them to understand? Rachel attends the Good News Club at Summerville Elementary School in Tuolumne City. Last month she gave a personal testimony about how she applied God’s Word.
“I was on a ropes course this past weekend, and I got really scared. But then I began to sing our memory verse from Good News Club (2 Samuel 22:2 – “The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer) and God gave me the courage I needed to finish the course.”
Rachel is proof that children can understand and appropriate God’s Word! May God help us reach and disciple more children just like her!

Pictures of New Life
Have you read the captions beneath each of the pictures on this page? Four of the pictures show our volunteers leading children to Christ at three different Good News Clubs®. Those three pictures represent at least ten children who received Christ in our area just since March, and they showcase the unique opportunity that the Good News Club provides. The elementary schools of this nation are wide open for us to share the Gospel with lost children! Will you and your church make plans to adopt a school this coming Fall?