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CEF Norcal, Inc., Central Valley North Chapter

CEF Norcal, Inc., Central Valley North Chapter

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God for the 21 Good News Clubs® that met this year in four counties in our area ea (Mono, Calaveras, Tuolumne, and Stanislaus).
  • Praise God for the many faithful teachers who taught in these clubs, and for the children who came to know Christ and then grew in their walk with God.
  • Pray for permission to begin a Good News Club in Oakdale next school year. We have the church who wants to adopt, and now need permission from the school district.
  • Pray for my visit to Groveland in early May. Pray for one or two churches to adopt the elementary school there.
  • Pray for God to work in the hearts of people as we begin to make contacts in San Joaquin County. There has been no ministry there in about 20 years, and it contains the largest number of children in our area.  Pray for God to open the doors there.
  • Praise that Merced County is about to open up. Pray that the Atwater and Merced school districts will be open to Good News Clubs in the Fall.
  • Pray for ministry expansion in Calaveras and Mono Counties, and for work to begin in Alpine County.
  • Pray for one new supporter each week that will join Joel and Nadya’s support team.
  • Pray for committee members from each of the eight counties in our area.

Pray for children to be reached in our area this summer.

Testimony of The Director

     When I was younger, I used to tell people that I had a “vanilla” testimony.  God didn’t rescue me out of a life of drug addiction, sexual promiscuity, or a web of lies so thick that I couldn’t see what the truth really was.  But now, as I look back on my salvation experience, I see that many times I was headed to do those very sins, but God in His grace prevented me from following through.  In many instances, I was saved from sin, not out of sin.  My testimony is anything but vanilla!
I was just three years old when I received Christ as my Savior.  My dad led me to the Lord in his 1973 Chevy pickup truck on Granada Ave. in Madera, CA.  I often doubted whether I was really saved, and so it came to be that on December 3, 1982, my dad led me in a prayer of rededication, so I wouldn’t have to worry about it and have doubts.  He then had me write in the front of my Bible what I had prayed, which proved to be a great source of comfort for me in the years to come.
I remember as a junior in high school struggling with plaguing thoughts that produced in me great fear.  One day, while reading my Bible, my eyes fell onto Proverbs 3:25-26, which says: “Do not be afraid of sudden fear, nor of trouble from the wicked when it comes, for the Lord will be your confidence, and will keep your foot from being caught.”  I knew in that moment that God was talking to me about my thoughts, and I distinctly remember believing what God had told me and choosing to place my thoughts elsewhere.  Immediately the thought problems left me, and I was overwhelmed to realize that I had heard God’s voice clearly through the Scriptures.  My wife, Nadya, and I have been in full-time ministry for 21 years now.  We served in CEF of Stanislaus County, CEF of South Dakota, Mitchell Community Church, and now CEF Central Valley North.  We look forward to serving you and your churches as you seek to reach out to the lost children all around you.