Part of the world's largest evangelistic outreach to children.

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About Us


Purpose –

Child Evangelism Fellowship® is an evangelical, Bible-centered mission whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.

Vision –

Guiding a new generation that seeks to honor God.

Mission –

To enlist, equip and encourage a team of qualified leaders who will effectively fulfill the purpose of Child Evangelism Fellowship, expanding the work throughout Northern California.

Method –

The primary ministries are Good News Club® and 5-Day Club®. Other CEF® ministries include Christian Youth In Action®, Camp Good News®, Party Clubs, JYou Connection™, fairs and open air. Literature development and production (CEF Press®) and teacher training support USA Ministries.

Culture –

  • The Importance of Godly Leadership at Every Level
  • The Importance of the Spiritual Welfare of our Workers
  • The Importance of Prayer as our Foundation
  • The Importance of Evangelizing Children
  • The Importance of a Clear and Biblical Presentation of the Gospel
  • The Importance of a Commitment to Excellence, for the Glory of God